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Self Care Toolkit

Self care is one of the core foundations that you can work on where you can learn how best to support yourself.  Self Care is about recognising what you can do to look after yourself and offering yourself permission to care for yourself.   If you don't know where to start, that's okay - use the invitation below and spend 5 minutes each day reflecting on what works for you at the moment.

Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional can make things better.   Caring about your well-being and building your set of tools in order to seize the day can be part of the work we do together. 

Self Care Toolkit: About Me
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Useful Resources

SWOT Analysis for Self Reflection

Strengths – what are things /activities/people and aspects of  You that support and strengthen you?
Weaknesses – which aspects of your life/thought processes or influences  have a negative effect on you?
Opportunities  - what options do you have to change the negative influences? And/Or change the  impact they have or you? What opportunities can you create to  gain more strengths
Threats – What  trends or familiar patterns do you recognize in your approach?   How might you  recognize patterns of self sabotage  and what can you do  about these?

Top Tips for Managing Stress

Simplify  - stress can feel too much, narrow down the parameters of your focus and  take  things one  at a time.

Take  breaks to breathe–  get outside, ground yourself  and focus on breathing

Release your energy – use movement  to  shake off tension

Express your feelings –name  them, write them down, acknowledge how you feel.

Support  system – know who you have in your support network and reach out

Sleep Hygiene – build a regular sleep routine and prioritise sleep to your requirements

Self Care Toolkit: Resources
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